Streissguth, Daniel M.

(1924 - )

Born April 17, 1924 in Everett, Daniel Michener Streissguth graduated from the University of Washington in 1948 and received his graduate degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1949. He was licensed by the State of Washington (No. 648) on July 10, 1951. Upon graduation, he worked for architect Fred J. Rogers (1948) and Paul Thiry (1949-1951) in Seattle, before leaving the Pacific Northwest for a teaching opportunity at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri (1953-1955).

In 1955, he migrated back to Seattle and began a long and distinguished teaching career at the University of Washington. During his tenure he served two, four-year terms as Chair of the Architecture Department, and is primarily known for his excellence in teaching design. Streissguth taught beginning level design courses to undergraduate and graduate students until his retirement in 1993.

During his teaching career, he maintained a small private practice where he worked mainly on residential projects. His work includes the Helander House in Port Townsend (1956), featured in Pacific Architect & Builder; the Cotton House Remodel in Port Townsend (1956); the Jesse Epstein House in Seattle (1962); and his own home in Seattle (1958). In the late 1950s, he joined fellow architects Wendell Lovett and Gene Zema to form The Architect Artist Group, or TAAG. The team initially formed in order to gain work at the coming Century 21 World’s Fair site. With their efforts unsuccessful, the team shifted their sights onto other projects. While the partnership lasted just a couple of short years, it did produce a significant design for the University of Washington’s Nuclear Engineering Program, the Nuclear Reactor Building (1961), listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Other projects include a partnership with Gene Zema to design the Wells Medina Nursery building and grounds (1968); and the current home of the University of Washington College of Architecture & Planning (Gould Hall) in 1972. Retired, Streissguth lives in Seattle.

- Michael C. Houser

Photo courtesy of Tacoma Public Library
Gould Hall, Seattle (1972) <br>Photo courtesy of John Stamets
Nuclear Reactor Building - UW, Seattle (1961) <br>Photo courtesy of DAHP
Streissguth House, Seattle (1958) <br>Photo courtesy of Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods
Helander House, Port Townsend (1956) <br>Photo courtesy of DAHP
Epstein House, Seattle (1962) <br>Photo courtesy of Sunset Mag
Photo courtesy of Tacoma Public Library