Bolotin, George

(1914 - 1980)

Born in Dabrunka, Russia on October 10, 1914, George Bolotin grew up in Seattle and attended Garfield High School. A gifted artist, Bolotin attended the Cornish School of Art on scholarship (1934-1936) and then transferred to the University of Washington (1936-1941). After World War II, he went to work for John T. Jacobsen (1945) and served as a draftsman for Victor Jones & Associates for nearly ten years (1946-1954).

With valuable experience at hand, in 1955 Bolotin decided to open his own firm which would specialize in apartment buildings and clinics. His straightforward, no-nonsense designs for apartment building developers would bring him an endless number of clients throughout the late 1950s and 1960s. Projects include the Blue Spruce Apartments (1956); Price Manor Apartments (1958); the Rochdale House Apartments (1960); the Edgewater Apartment complex (1960); Harborview Tower (1960); and the Panorama House Apartments (1961), all in Seattle and the Chalet (1968) at Panorama Retirement home in Lacey. His firm also developed the plans for the Sans Souci Condominiums (1975) in Tacoma for the newly formed Quadrant Corporation. Known clinic designs include the Bridge Clinic & Professional Offices (1956) and the Peizer Medical-Dental Clinic (1958) both in Seattle.

Other known projects include the James Sadler House (1956) featured in the Seattle Times; the Dr. Roger Hendricks House (1956); a seven-story executive office building for the Doric Company (1959); and a Department Store/Discount House in Tacoma for developer Alex Shulman.

Bolotin, who held architectural licenses in Alaska, Arizona, Oregon and Washington, passed away in Seattle in January of 1980.

-Michael C. Houser

Photo courtesy of Department of Architectural Licensing.
Blue Spruce Apartments, Seattle (1956)<br>Photo courtesy of City of Seattle.
Sans Souci Condominiums, Tacoma (1975)<br>Photo courtesy of Tacoma Public Library.
Coronado Apartments, Seattle (1959)<br>Photo courtesy of DAHP.
Photo courtesy of Department of Architectural Licensing.