Grevstad, Barney E.

(1913 - 1982)

The son of builder Hans B. Grevstad, Seattle architect Barney Elmer Grevstad was born on March 19, 1913 and attended Lincoln High School in Seattle. His formal architectural education was from the University of Washington where he received a Bachelorís degree in 1936. Upon graduation Grevstad went to work for the architectural firm of Bebb & Gould as a draftsman (1938). He then gained further experience by working for the firms of Lytel & Shorrett (1938) and Loveless & Fey (1939) before becoming a designer for the Seattle Housing Authority (1939-1940). Then in 1940 Grevstad became an assistant architect with the Austin Co. (1940-1944) but left the firm during WWII. During the war Grevstad rose to the rank of First Lieutenant in the Navy and was stationed in the Pacific (1944-1946).

Upon his return to the States, in 1946 Grevstad formed a partnership with former Austin Co. employee Frederick R. Eley and Paul G. Carlson. Together the firm of Carlson, Eley & Grevstad made a significant impact on the built environment in Seattle and the surrounding communities.

Early projects by the firm include the Temple Theater in Tacoma (1948); the Princess Theater in Prosser (1948); the H.C. Harrison House (1948, built by Grevstadís Dad); a parish hall in Everett (1950); the Everett Motor Movie Drive-in (1950); and a store building in Grand Coulee (1951).

With their business taking off, the firm built a new office for themselves in 1953. However it was demolished to make room for I-5 and they built a new office on Minor Ave. in 1959.

The firmís work included a variety of building types including commercial, religious, multi-family, and educational projects. Later projects included Broadview Elementary School (1960); Engineering Building Ė UW (1958); a addition to Ruth School (c.1966) in Burien; Fairmount Park Elementary School (1963); and additions to several other Seattle schools including Broadview View Elementary (1960), and Montlake Elementary (1968).

Other notable projects include the Columbia Electric Office (1959); Petridge Mobile Homes Sales & Service (1959); First Church of Christ Scientist (1960) in Bellevue; a $1 million dollar shopping complex near Northgate (1964); and Auburn House Elderly Housing (1966).

In 1969 the firm became a division of Pacific Architect & Engineers, Inc. (PAE), a multi-national firm with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila, Saigon, Seoul, Athens, and Washington D.C. PAC had been formed in Los Angeles in 1955 and today operates as a division of Lockheed Martin whom acquired the company in 2006.

Grevstad was an active member of several professional and community organizations. He served as president of the Broadway Kiwanis Club (1958) and was a member of the Norwegian Male Chorus (1948). He also was the president of the Norwegian Commercial Club (1970), president of the Board of Trustees of Group Homes of Washington (1971) and served on the board of the Norse Home of Seattle.

Grevstad retired in 1972 and the firm was dissolved. He passed away in Seattle on September 2, 1982.

-Michael C. Houser

Photo courtesy of Seattle Times
Carlson, Eley & Grevstad Architectural Office, Seattle (1959) <br>Photo courtesy of King County Assessor
Columbia Electric, Seattle (1959) <br>Photo courtesy of Seattle Times
Fairmount Park School, Seattle (1963) <br>Photo courtesy of Seattle School District
Engineering Building - UW, Seattle (1958) <br>Photo courtesy of University of Washington
Proposed Puget Sound House, Seattle (1947) <br>Photo courtesy of Seattle Times
Photo courtesy of Seattle Times