Docomomo WEWA advocates for the preservation of Modern buildings, objects, neighborhoods, and landscapes in Western Washington. In addition to tours and events, we offer technical assistance to public agencies and private individuals who seek our expertise. We provide testimony during public hearings, and submit comment letters advocating for the preservation of endangered resources. One of the ongoing projects we undertake is researching and writing landmark nominations for listing Modern buildings with local historic registers.

Except for well-known icons of Modernism, many resources from the period are overlooked and underappreciated by the general population including the larger preservation community. Often viewed as “not old enough” or not having a real “style” that is easily understood, they fall victim to the wrecking ball or inappropriate alterations.

Docomomo WEWA works to bring attention and greater appreciation to our known landmarks as well as those that are lesser known.

Nifty from the Last 50 Initiative

Launched at the 2003 State Historic Preservation Awards, the "Nifty from the Last 50 Initiative" is the State of Washington's first official effort to recognize and document the state's post-World War II resources. The project was a joint effort by the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation and Docomomo WEWA The goal was to develop an easy way for the public to formally document buildings from the recent past in their community.

To date, over 250 properties have been documented all over the state. To find out more about this program, please visit the DAHP website.

Download the PDF to see the list of the properties to date. Download PDF (1.6M) »
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