Modern Styles

The various styles or approaches of Modernism have similar characteristics— primarily the simplification of form and elimination of ornament. This was a significant departure from Western architecture, which was based on principles of Greek and Roman design. While the exact characteristics and origins of Modern architecture are still open to interpretation and debate, it is generally accepted that “Modernism” was superseded by Postmodernism and is now regarded as a historical style. Below are images and examples of the various sub-styles within the Modern movement. These will help you identify and learn about the various modes and philosophies of the Modern movement found throughout Washington State. Some of the sub-styles have accompanying descriptions. It is our goal to complete descriptions for each sub-style.

A Frame(1950 - 1980)

Brutalism(1960 - 1975)

Curtain Wall(1948 - 1965)

Geodesic Dome(1960 - 1990)

Mansard(1965 - 1980)

Miesian(1945 - 1990)

New Formalism(1960 - 1975)

Pavilion(1960 - 1980)

Quonset Hut(1941 - 1960)

Shed Style(1965 - 1985)

Wrightian(1950 - 1975)

WWII Era Cottage(1935 - 1950)